Women in Property

Women in Property

The Property Recruitment Company is proud to present it’s Women In Business series. This series aims to explore how women’s roles in the Property Industry have evolved and to investigate if age-old gender bias still exists in the Property Industry.
Females currently represent just 11% of the construction workforce in the UK. Only 2% of these are in manual workforce, meaning the remainder are in office based roles. Although there are a number of companies with initiatives in place to change these statistics, the number of females managing to filter into a male dominant workforce are extremely low.

The Property Recruitment Company wants to share the stories of females who have secured a respectable position within the industry. Throughout the year we look to increase the representation of females in the industry by offering advice and guidance to those hoping to pursue a career in the Property and Construction sector.

Michele Beadle from Amicus Horizon

Jessica Grace Dowdy – WIP Award Winner

Emma McCarthy From L&Q

Vicky Fordham-Lewis from Pyramid Plus South

Gina Pierce From Essential Living

Kelly Fox From First Port

Michelle Davis From Axis Europe

Kelly Bream From Berkeley