Below is the final shortlist and winners from the SHLAs 2016.  The calibre of entries was very high but our judges narrowed it down to these finalists.

We thank everyone who applied.


SHLA Student Accommodation Manager of the Year 

Winner: Caroline Cannon – Fresh Student Living for her dedication to the residents and the incredible satisfaction ratings increase from 76% to a staggering 99%

Jason Capone – Taylor – Fresh Student Living

Shelley Bellett – Prodigy Living

Caroline Cannon – Fresh Student Living


SHLA Assistant Accommodation Manager of the Year

Winner: Grant Smith – The Student Housing Company for his unwavering commitment and think outside the box approach to problems 

Ian Lakin – Prodigy Living

Grant Smith – The Student Housing Company

Emma Hodgson – CRM


SHLA Charity partnership of the Year

Winner: The Student Housing Company for their amazing partnership with Time To Change

CRM Students

The Student Housing Company

Notting Hill Housing Group


SHLA Customer service of the Year 

Winner: Francesca Plowman – Fresh Student Living for her seamless check-ins and for her dedication to the students – she’s even gone as far as to fish keys out of drains!

DCU Rooms – Campus Residences Ltd

Tais Damato – Homes for Students

Francesca Plowman – Fresh Student Living


SHLA Sales pitch of the Year

Winner: Laura Freeman – Homes for Students for introducing inter resident rivalry and on the spot prizes in her May Madness campaign 

Laura Freeman – Homes for Students

Manoj Poorjari – Yara Students

Dunaskin Mill & Merlin Heights Accommodation Team – Fresh Student Living


SHLA Student event of the Year 

Winner: Astor House – Prodigy Living with their AstorMind Quiz, loved by all residents and non-residents 

Pure Hammersmith

Student Castle York

Astor House – Prodigy Living


SHLA Site team of the Year 

Winner: Foss Studios – Fresh Student Living for creating a real community feel in an all-studio development, hosting events and going above and beyond in every way

Foss Studios – Fresh Student Living

Penworks House – Prodigy Living

Astor House – Prodigy Living